The Pixel Lab Sports Pack

The Pixel Lab社のCINEMA 4D向け製品です。 ●こちらはダウンロード商品です。

定価 4,968円(税込)
判型 データダウンロード

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こちらはThe Pixel Lab社のCINEMA 4D向け製品です。

A 3D model pack that includes basketball, baseball, football, hockey, golf, tennis, volleyball, track, boxing, pool, bowling etc. elements. There are tons of great sports assets to add to your scene!

The models are made with Cinema 4D R12 and include textures. NOTE: They will NOT work in versions previous to R12. You may use these models for personal or commercial use, just not for stock or resale in any way. I have made a .lib4d file so you can load these models into your Cinema 4D Content Browser and easily access the models at any time!

Many of these models are worth well over $30 individually so we have again provided a great deal in the hopes of making this affordable for everyone! If you have any questions about the pack, please e-mail me at:

This pack includes the following C4D models:

3D Barbell Model
3D Baseball Cap Model
3D Baseball Model
3D Basketball Court Model
3D Basketball Hoop Model
3D Bowling Balls Model
3D Bowling Pins Model
3D Boxing/Punching Bag Model
3D Dart Board Model
3D Dart Model
3D Field Hockey Sticks & Ball Models
3D Football Field Goal Post Model
3D Football Model
3D Football Helmet Model
3D Golf Ball Model
3D Golf Club Model
3D Golf Tees Model
3D Ping Pong Paddles Model
3D Ping Pong Table Model
3D Ping Pong Ball Model
3D Pool Table Model
3D Pool Cues Model
3D Pool Balls/Rack Model
3D Pool Chalk Model
3D Hockey Puck
3D Tennis Balls Model
3D Tennis Can Model
3D Tennis Racket Model
3D Track Starting Block Model
3D Volleyball Model




Maxon Cinema 4D R12 以上


The Pixel Lab Sports Pack