The Pixel Lab Tech Pack

The Pixel Lab社のCINEMA 4D向け製品です。 ●こちらはダウンロード商品です。

定価 3,132円(税込)
判型 データダウンロード

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こちらはThe Pixel Lab社のCINEMA 4D向け製品です。

I’m extremely excited to introduce the Pixel Lab “Tech Pack!” I’ve collaborated on this project with my buddy Remco over at He is an incredible 3D modeler and has allowed me to offer 15 of his technology models in an incredibly low priced kit.


The models are made with Cinema 4D R12 and include textures, backdrops and lighting set-ups (each model has a unique light rig and will look a bit different than these renders). If you want to purchase them for a different 3D platform, please e-mail me.

The total value of the items in this pack is roughly $250.

This Pack Includes:

50mm Lens
Computer Gear: A Mac computer, speakers, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, router, 2 different hard drives and printer
Audio Gear: Headphones, subwoofers and multiple RCA audio plugs
Ear Bud headphones
Electronic Connectors: Includes HDMI, Optical Audio, SCART, Cinch, COAX , USB , DVI, MiniJack and S-VHS
Vintage Polaroid Camera
Robot Arm: This model is fully animated. It is set up so you can create your own animations quickly as well
Tech Screens: Screens on wheels which you can display text, video or logo on
Sci-fi Satellite
Screen Robot
Sphere Camera
Sphere Screen: You can add text, video or logo on the screen.
Vintage Film Camera
Vintage Camera
Vintage Projector




Maxon Cinema 4D R12 以上


The Pixel Lab Tech Pack